Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vole Control

Lately I have been having problems with voles in my garden. They have veracious appetites and have destroyed and killed several of my hardy palms, yuccas, and other plants. Voles are small rodents that burrow underground and eat bulbs, roots, and seeds. They usually eat landscape plants at there roots leaving the leaves and stems for you to find wilted and dead. They look like a short tailed mouse or a small grey hamster. I have set up mouse traps to kill these pesky critters before they cause anymore damage. There are holes all in my yard from there burrows. The most effective way to control voles I have found is with the good old fashioned snap mouse trap. Set several traps outside an active burrow entrance and bate them with peanut butter, diced apple or oats mixed with peanut butter. I use chunky peanut butter and it is pretty effective. To keep Squirrels from stealing the bate of your trap cover the trap with a large bucket or flower pot and place a rock or brick on top of it to keep it from blowing over with the wind.

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